Sunday, September 10, 2006

Q&A and Denver

The other day, Liz Plummer asked a question about the fabric I had dyed and overprinted with thickened dyes. "is this the same fabric that you are overprinting each time? (ie. are you adding more dye on top of the one in each previous photo or is it a separate piece of cloth each time?). Either way, the results are stunning!" (thanks, Liz!) I answered her privately but thought someone else might want to know the answer. I tore the offending blobbed fabric into several pieces and each piece you see was done separately, in succession, with the same screen. I did not add more dye; what was in the screen came out a bit more each time. With the first two, I used print paste and with the second two pieces, I used Thiox paste on the screen to get the results. On another note...I arrived at Denver airport late yesterday afternoon. This is the view from the car on the way to Fort Collins.

Need I say more?


Karoda said...

have fun in Denver!

Judy said...

Enjoy, but how could you not?

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