Sunday, September 24, 2006

I forgot to tell you

that I discovered, thanks to my clever students in the wild west, that these items make great rubbings. Despite the label that says "livestock marker," each one of these is nothing more than an oilstick in disguise. If you live in cattle country, you probably already know that you can buy these in livestock or animal or farm supply stores. NOT that we have a lot of these in NJ - but I brought home a few to keep me busy. The silver and copper ones are the best. I used the silver one to do a rubbing on the rather bland piece I had gelatin-printed last week. It's an improvement, but I think it needs a touch of black to zip it up a bit. Perhaps I'll play a little when I get off the computer.

I've been very grouchy since I got home from the mountains and I believe it is because I have been doing endless paperwork and tending to business since I've been here. It dawned on me today that I desperately need to do some creative work -- so I threw some fabric into a dyepot and hoped for the best. As usual, it is far from the best (pictures after I wash the fabric) -- but it will be fine after I add some layers.

Finally unpacked and am waiting for my box of teaching supplies to come back tomorrow so I can empty the carton and put the stuff into the suitcase. I also spent part of today cleaning up the studio so I could walk in without stubbing my toe on cartons of stuff. Ouch! But somehow, I manage to have lost my 256k compact flash card. I bought a 1 gig to supplement it, but now whatever was on there is gone - unless it turns up.

The kitchen sink is leaking and we are having puddles on the floor, so can't use the faucets or dishwasher. Swell. We're eating on paper and plastic and I just hope the plumber calls me back tomorrow.

In the meantime, I stopped at the farm to buy vegetables and bought a few mums, asters, and other things to brighten the fading garden. Of course, now I will have to wsh the lettuce in the powder room sink...a not very appetizing prospect. I think we'll skip the salad for the time being. Happy Autumn to all, and a Happy, Healthy New Year to some of you.


Pat's Place said...

So are "livestock markers" cheaper than Shiva Paint Stiks??? If so, I may have to look into them! I have a pal in rural Missouri who might be able to find them...

Rayna said...

I don't know, Pat. They run between 75 cents and $1.50, depending on where you buy them. Metallics are higher priced. Jerry's Artarama in Ft. Collins had them, but the livstock store was cheaper. However, it was too far so we never got there. Google 'livestock markers' and other sources come up.

Deb H said...

Cool. THanks for the hint. I have a mess of Shiva sticks, but wanted metalics, especially copper & gold, & the art supply here didn't have them, I'll have to try the feed store. Who would've thought!

Your mums are lovely. Love the textures on the fabric.

I actually like the occaisional power outage, so long as pipes don't freeze, & food doesn't spoil, but it does get old after 24 hours of it!

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