Sunday, September 03, 2006

what I learned today

Spent today out on the deck working with discharge. It was cool, sunny, and a perfect day for that activity; too nice to stay inside after days of pouring rain. I tested out several different cottons and several different discharge agents and, needless to say, I got several different results. I also learned a thing or three. 1. don't test an iron with your fingers. If you do, ice for several hours.

2. If you drip soy wax on your deck floor, iron your floor. 3. when you discharge, your fabric will look different after you wash it than it did before you washed it.



4. Clorox gel can turn the fabric a lovely shade of orange that lightens when you wash it.

5. Thiox turns the fabric yet another color.

6. I liked most of the fabrics better before I washed them.

Enough for today: tomorrow I am on vacation - lunch out with our kids and dinner out at our neighbor's. What could be bad? Hope you enjoy your Labor Day, too.


Deb H said...

OUCH! Finger tips have so many NERVES! Poor Rayna.

I wonder if soy wax would be a good weather proof for your decking?

Have a nice holiday.

jenclair said...

Ouch!! This picture made me flinch- What people will endure for research!

Very interesting to see the varying effects of clorox and thiox.

Rayna said...

ok, ok, I took away the picture of my fingers. They don't hurt, though. Just blistered. The ice did wonders.

Debra said...


When you check an iron with your finger, the finger must be wet!! There's a scientific principle involved.. but who knows what it's called. (even the esteemabile Dr. Roby doesn't recall..)

Rian said...

A couple martinis will help those fingers feel better. Ingested, not applied topically. Well, maybe sticking your fingers in the drink wouldn't hurt either.

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