Monday, March 12, 2007

I'll be sorry tomorrow

that I stayed up so late tonight. This clock thing really throws me off for some reason: every time! The whole day vanished, so I was making up for it tonight. Slept late, then spent hours trying to get my computers to talk to one another - no luck: some gremlin (turns out it was McAfee) totally destroyed my home/office network. I spent another couple of hours on the phone with Dell - a wonderful tech helped me out - and now everything works. But meantime, there went the day. A visit to my mother, a trip to Whole Foods, and I was grouchy.

I did manage to throw some fabric in the dye pot this morning, and here are the most interesting of the pieces. Blacks and greys and chino and some blue, but I can't remember what was what. It doesn't matter. I did some brights, but they are boring.
So, tonight, I worked on a couple more postcards. First, I matted and framed this one from the other day and I think it looks more impressive, don't you?

Then I did two more postcards.

And now I am going to bed and hoping to get 5 hours of sleep before I have to get up for an early meeting.


Karoda said...

I did fine yesterday but today will be my grouchy day...the time change in Spring never ever sits well with me'll take me the entire week to adjust. hangeth in.

Karoda said...

oh, love love the postcards and your nuetral dye colours!

jenclair said...

I wake up more easily with natural light, so getting up is harder after the switch. And of course, I stay up later...

The postcards are great!

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