Monday, March 05, 2007

what's in a name?

Group studio meeting today at lunchtime-- the first time all seven of us were there. We are planning our first open studios on Sunday, April 29th and had to make some decisions. Not the least of them was what we should call ourselves??" Glenwood Studios? Village Studios? Glenwood Arts? Village Arts? Nah, too close to Valley Arts, which is coming in another area nearby. We put the vote on hold and all went home to think about it. I kinda like The Second Floor.
I was up at 2:30 this morning and never went back to sleep. Don't you hate that? The upside was that I got to the studio by 9 and left in time to come home and make spaghetti sauce.

After lunch, I turned on the wax pot and got to work. I was pretty happy with the few small pieces I got done and will continue tomorrow: I brought over a few tjaps and need to bring more wax. Right now, my wrists and left arm are so sore from screen printing that I am hoping the change of motion will help.

Considering how early I got up this morning, you can guess where I am headed. How boring.


Gerrie said...

Sounds like the studio away from home is working for you.

cfent said...

love the piece on the wall.

Frances said...

like claire I love the piece shown,

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