Thursday, October 11, 2007

Studio Six crit day

Today was more-or-less a show & tell rather than a crit. It rained, so Randy came - wow! second time in a row! (she is a landscape gardener and we don't see her till winter, normally). She is almost finished with her spectacular Dear Jane quilt - atypical and a real departure for her, but working on it for the past year kept her sane during a very trying time. I made her lay it down for a minute on the couch so I could shoot it, so this is only a portion and it's lopsided - but it is gorgeous.
Lisa brought her piece from a couple of weeks ago; we had talked about how she could quilt it. Here is a detail and then, the whole piece.
Rachel brought some fabrics she had worked on earlier this week, but my pictures were blurry - so next time. Tomorrow, Rachel and I are going to join Judy Langille's 8 week class at the Newark Museum. Signing up for a class seems to be the only way I can get play time these days.

Tonight, I am still stitching facings - it would be better if I were a tv watcher. But I'll put on my classical music and I'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous about the class with Judy! Loved these pictures. Thanks

Rayna said...

Oh, joy. I am learning to think ahead...a totally new phenomenon.
Can't say how much of it will take permanently -- I never want to lose the sponenaeity -- but it is an interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

Me, too. I would love a class with her!! Instead, I am taking a 3 day class with Wendy Huhn at the Contemporary Craft Museum here in Portland - not too shabby -eh? The title is Transferology.

Shelina said...

Thanks for sharing the Dear Jane picture. I've been working on my blocks slowly but surely, although my colors are much more plain than that one.

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