Sunday, October 14, 2007

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I may add a layer or two to this fabric, but probably not till later in the week. Depends on a lot of factors, none of which are in my control. On another topic, today was a busy weekend day - we went looking at soapstone for our future countertops (at the rate we're going - it feels like distant future). We spent a lovely hour at the Zimmerli Museum in New Brunswick, NJ - home of the famous Rutgers University where two of my offspring went to school. There was an incredible exhibit of photographs by such luminaries as Andy Warhol, Sally Mann, Robert Rauschenberg, Kiki Smith Chuck Close, Diane Arbus, and others too numerous to mention. Strange and brilliant! Betcha didn't know some of these people were photographers along with all of their other talent. I didn't, either.There was also a contemporary print exhibit (my favorite art is work on paper) - Donald Judd, June Wayne, among others. I came home and decided I should go back to working on paper.

We got to the museum a bit early and had to take a walk around campus. I got out my camera and managed to take a photo or two of my own. I cropped my feet out of this one.
Tomorrow - miscellaneous. Monday, back to the gym after a 2 week absence. Etc.

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Judy said...

well shucks, I was hoping to get a glimpse of your pedicure...and another pair of wild shoes!!! LOL


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