Wednesday, October 17, 2007

time flies

Where has it gone? Some time has gone to printing fabric at the museum; here is a bit of a bigger piece. I just put it here because I don't like to post without photos and it cheers me up to see this morsel.

Too much time has gone to the anguish of moving my mother to a residence better equipped to deal with her memory loss. I have spent endless amounts of time lying awake this week.

I did spend some time this afternoon at the tile store, trying to distract myself by looking for samples to take home for the kitchen floor. None of the seven I brought home was good. Bleh.

Finally, too mjch of time has gone to dealing with Dell service in the past two days. Remember a while ago when the L key didn't work? Well, this time it was the O. And the fan was making a horrible noise. Hours on the phone with the technicians who have no common sense and only go by the script in front of them. AARRGH. Here is the condensed version.

Phone call #1 tuesday a.m. - 1-1/2 hours. I told them it was the fan. "No, madam, it could be the optical drive or the hard drive." NO, IT IS THE FAN. "Sorry, madam, it could be the optical drive or the hard drive." (what the hell is the optical drive?? Oh, the CD drive, why didn't they say so?) The guy wanted me to get a screwdriver and take the CD drive out. ME? That's not my job: my job is to tell them what is wrong; the technician's job is to fix it. I told them I am a senior citizen, I don't own a screwdriver, and even if I did I was not about to take apart my laptop. "Do you have a friend with a screwdriver?" "NO." I insisted it was the fan, so they sent a service tech with a new CD drive, which he replaced Tuesday evening. A half hour later: THE SAME NOISE coming from THE FAN.

Phone call #2 Tuesday night: - 2 hours. THE FAN. Horrible noise, which the tech could hear over the phone all the way to India. His response: "madam, would you get a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the computer?" A VACUUM CLEANER? ME?
1) I have a central vacuum system.
2) the hose is in the garage
3) it is 10:pm in New Jersey and my husband is asleep
4) I am a senior citizen
5) it is not my job to vacuum the laptop. It is THEIR job.
6) I need a new keyboard, since the OOO's don't work. As long as they are sending a keyboard, why don't they send a new fan?

Wednesday afternoon: Service tech #2 arrives with a keyboard. No fan. However, he takes apart the computer and cleans the dust out of the fan as well as he can with a Q-tip and a sponge. He promises to call India and order a new fan and a new bottom for the computer, which is missing a large chunk of plastic near the hard drive. I am not holding my breath.
But the ooo's work and there is no horrible noise. This thing came with a 3 year service contract included and I am thinking I should renew it. The bionic laptop.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, Rayna. I have heard so many bad Dell stories, including my husband's. I'm glad that your ooo's work, now. I am sending you some good thoughts for some peaceful sleep and a resolution to your angst over the sidebars of life. Have fun getting your new kitchen done!

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

Hi Rayna
I work in a computer store(apple) so I hope we can still be friends(ducking). PLease make sure you back up the data on your hard drive. If your hard drive gets compromised or has to be removed you will lose all your -stuff-pictures, msic, writing, bookmarks, settings whatever is saved in your computer. Just thought I' d tell ya.

Russ Little said...

Parental care issues, computer problems, kitchen redo, and no time for art. I think the American Psychological Assoc. ranks all of those individually as high stress points. Collectively? Yikes! Give yourself a big hug from me, fix a drink, put your feet up, and doodle in your sketchbook for a little while. It sounds like you could use a break.

I'm not even going to comment on the whole Gateway thing, except to say that's how I ended up with my lovely new iMac!

And by the way, what makes you a senior citizen? Is it the grandchildren? Did your kids ask your permission before they did that to you? ;)


Rayna said...

Thanks for the nurturing, everybody. Martha and Russ - I started with an Apple IIe in 1982 but eventually went to work in a company that had PC's and I needed to bring work home - so that wasthat. I would kill for a mac - but maybe next laptop.

Russ, dinner out and a martini should do the trick tonight. And, FYI, what makes me a senior citizen is my AGE.

Beverly said...

You have my symapthy, sounds a lot like my experiences with Dell getting them to ship the right components. Never again.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Condolences on the move you have had to put your mother through. I'm sure you have picked a good place, but any transition is hard when memory fails. Definitely go for the dinner and drink remedy, with friends.

Anonymous said...

Rayna, Very best wishes regarding your mother, but more especially to you. I went through all of it last year and some of this, although my mother's memory was fine. Just her body was giving up. It's sad and exhausting watching their deterioration even though they are being well cared for. Studio work was my antedote to a lot of the pain. Isabella

lizzieb said...

oh Rayna, I have had to deal with placing a parent and with Dell...I don't know which was worse! I had to completely open my tower, unconnect everything, reconnect everything, then change things, all inside...two hours on the phone with India...and still the problem. Well it finally got resolved. The issue of placing a parent is harder but it makes them safer. 24 hour care and supervision is so necessary. My thoughts are with you, buddy!

Debra said...

I agree with everyone... placing a parent AND dealing with Dell? both are things I wouldn't wish on an enemy! I gave up on Dell about 5 years ago.. and haven't regretted it. However the Vista OS is so sucky that I want to replace my brand new laptop with a Mac. (except that I hear that Vista is very mac-like so I might not like that either...)

Anonymous said...

Rayna, please see my blog. You've been tagged. thelmasmith

Judy said...

Hi Honey,
Sorry to hear of your woes with your Mom and your computer. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Your pictured piece is lovely and I can see why it brings you such joy!

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