Thursday, May 01, 2008

another studio day

Wow - 3 studio days in one week! I puttered around today, moving fabric from one spot to another on the wall. Steamed some fabric I had printed on Monday. Did not get a whole lot done, but it didn't matter.

Here is a piece of cloth I printed with flour paste resist on the screen, some time ago. It does not play nicely with others so it is getting a time out till it is ready to behave.
Come to think of it, I have one piece that wants to be stitched and another that has good possibilities. But I don't have pictures of them.

My friend and studio mate Kathryn Eddy was at the studio - we haven't seen each other in ages, so it was a treat. She's a painter who was juried into the current show at the Brush Gallery in Lowell - and went up for the opening. She came back raving about Lowell and how friendly everyone is. She was surprised that the art critics from the newspapers turned out for the opening, and she said that when she introduced herself to Linda Poras, the gallery director, she mentioned that she shared a studio with me and Linda made her feel super-welcome. How nice!

This will be the first year that I will not be going up for Quilt Festival -- unless Marty comes with me. Otherwise, I am taking the month of August off: no trips, no teaching, no nonsense. Studio.

Tonight I have been stitching a couple of pieces I'm taking to Market with me. I really do not like to sew, so what am I doing in this business? Tomorrow, home in the morning and later in the afternoon, off to relieve the sitter and share a pizza with two of my grandsons at dinner.
On the way, a couple of tile stops? I think so.


Russ Little said...

3 studio days and plans for the whole month of August! That's a sign that things are getting back to "normal". Glad to hear it.

Judy said...

I applaud you for vowing in advance to take August off! and work in the studio...pure bliss, eh?!!

I was pleased to see that you are scheduled to teach with the QA group. I don't think I knew about that before.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

We'll miss you in Lowell, but your plans sound great.

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