Monday, August 30, 2010

back in the zone!

My own time zone, that is. After 5 days at home this is the first night I haven't gone to bed by 8:pm. Hooray - it's almost midnight on the Right Coast!  All is well.

On the way home from Birmingham, we kept passing these signs. I couldn't figure out what "Any Veh" meant. I could only hear my grandmother's voice saying "Anyway" but pronouncing the w as a v.
 Marlene thought it was hilarious that I couldn't figure out it was an abbreviation for "any vehicle." Still makes no sense to me.

Suburban London has its architectural charms and I photographed a few during my last two days there.
Where else would you find a drinking fountain and cattle trough? I guess it hasn't been used in a while.  This shop window was a jewel
       and I couldn't resist the bouquet of slippers in front.

I honestly didn't remember that the underground had upholstered (and very comfy) seats.  There has just been a contest to design new upholstery fabric so at some point, these will be replaced. Imagine!
 On the way home from the tube stop we walked past this delicious garden.
I was pretty busy tonight but will continue my post in the a.m.  I think it's time to heed my yawns as I write this.  'nite.


Eva said...

Another entertaining walk! Any veh sounds a little German indeed. But we overdo and try to pronounce the "v"s like "w". A catastrophe.
The slippers are so cute! Suitable to stand before a bed of roses.

A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh silly me. I was thinking "Oye Veh, Oye Veh." Lovely photos. Wish I was there. Karmen

Barbara said...

Changing time zones ( a lot of them) is always a challenge. So glad you had such a good trip!

Sherryl said...

Trips are always great but getting home is always better. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious reaction to the road signs!!

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