Sunday, August 08, 2010

busy Sunday

 I made this baby quilt in 1994 without any babies to give it to. Leftover blocks, many of which contained fabrics from blanket covers my Nanny made in the 1940's and '50s and we all slept under.
I still love this quilt.
My other children had boys and it didn't seem like the thing to give them, so I still have it.  Today I threw it on the living room floor for Emma to lie on.

Early this morning I drove to Brooklyn to bring Jess and Emma back here. I couldn't really say "bright and early" because the sky looked like this as I drove east at 9:am. Fortunately, while it threatened intermittently all day, it never really rained. But ick, it is humid!
I got to Brooklyn so early that nobody had moved their cars and I had to park a couple of blocks away, next to this camouflage tree.
Around the corner, in front of the school, these roses brightened up the street.
Jessica was coming out to borrow her father's car to get to the Fire Island ferry. Vacation time for Jess, Tommy & Miss Emma. But first, we stopped at the assisted living place to see my mother.

It was just before lunch and all the old ladies were outside, so we wheeled Emma out into the backyard.  They went crazy over her - there is nothing like an infant to make 90 year olds happy!  Kootchie-koo.
None happier than Molly, who visited with her granddaughter and great-grandchild for a half-hour or so. I say great-grandCHILD because my mother kept calling Emma "he."  When Jessica finally said for the 20th time, "Emma is a GIRL" my mother's response was "well, at this age it doesn't matter."  Oh, really?

Emma's hair looks red but isn't.  Jessica's is red - and yes, that is her natural color, which has darkened substantially since she was a child. When she was 3, people used to ask whether that was her natural color.  Huh?
A sense of humor is the first requirement for getting through life without going insane.


Eva said...

Emma: "you don't have to do that baby talk, you can talk sensibly to me!"
Wonderful people of yours. --
This camouflage tree is a favourite of mine.

Marianne said...

bonnes vacances à toute cette jolie petite famille, Emma est ravissante, mais votre maman et fille sont une belle photo avec ses mains liées ensemble

Del said...

Sweet little girl - thanks for sharing. Love, Del

Dianne Hricko said...

I grew up in Islip NY and spent summers dating the boys who manned the ferries to Fire Island. One summer I was a Mother's Helper on Fire Island.My charge was the Ivory Snow Baby, not as gorgeous as Miss Emma. Love following your families adventures.

How nice to have that lovely quilt with all its history to spread down for the new generation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna,
Emma is beautiful!
I am a natural blonde. Once, after answering that question one time too many, I answered the lady who asked, "Is it natural?" or "Who does your hair?" "God does it!"
I was 12 years old!
Suzanne G in NC

Clare Wassermann said...

A lovely quilt - nice to meet you.

Cathy Bargar said...

I love the little baby quilt, too, and I love that you love it because it was made from scraps by your Nanny. I just made a little sleep-sack for my coming-soon grandaughter (you know the babies aren't supposed to sleep under blankets or quilts any more? A miracle any of ours survived!) out of fabric scraps left from clothes I made for my son and myself back in the '70s. Surprising how much brown was going around back then!

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