Saturday, August 21, 2010


The last day of class, everybody showed their favorite and least favorite pieces of fabric. Here are some of them. Cathy's favorite, below.

Sharon shows her favorite at the moment, which was the last piece she had printed.

I think this was Pat's least favorite but I suspect she will put another layer on it and will like it better.  On the wall, her fave.
Wendy's favorite is on sheer fabric on the wall to her left. She is holding the one she liked least, although the rest of the class felt differently.

Later, I went out to an Indian restaurant in Birmingham's Balti Triangle with  Laura Wasilowski, Frieda Anderson, Helen and Dennis Conway and Lisa & Peter Walton.  We laughed a lot.
 Below, Laura and Helen - obviously enjoying themselves!
Frieda Anderson and a greatly amused waiter off to the side.
Below, Lisa Walton.  I didn't get a picture of Peter and Lisa at dinner.
Yesterday morning at a SAQA coffee, I met Eszter Bornemisza and Charlotte Yde - both absolutely lovely to talk to, not to mention that their work is wonderful.
Marlis Egger, who had just taken a photo of me taking the photo above.  My iPhone didn't do a very good job, but it is better than no picture at all.  Marlis and I kept running into one another all day at the exhibition.
At last night's international dinner I had a wonderful time with Marianne Bender and Cécile Trentini.

And this morning, Marlene and I had breakfast with Inge Hueber - also a delight.  Now, off to another coffee and if I can get WiFi when I get back to London, I'll post more.
See 'ya!


Gerrie said...

So glad you got to meet Helen and Dennis! I am so jealous. You are meeting some of my favorite online friends.

Debra said...

You certainly know how to amuse yourself!

laura said...

ah Rayna, what a wonderful adventure! wish we were meeting up later this month. Maybe this Fall somewhere.

Judy said...

What funnnnnnn!


Laura Wasilowski said...

Thank you for a lovely evening out. The food and company was terrific!

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