Sunday, August 08, 2010

getting organized

Ostensibly. (don't you love that word?)  Actually, I did accomplish quite a bit today, now yesterday as I am writing. (Saturday)

1) finally mailed off the quilt that Judy R. has been waiting for   patiently while I dealt with the chaos around here.
2) stopped the newspapers.
3) stuffed the supply suitcase.
4) packed the duds (Chico's and Birkenstocks and a paint shirt)
5) charged the kindle
6) put all of Marty's meds in little compartments
7) poached a salmon

This afternoon, haircut and color and then spent a couple of hours getting a manicure and pedicure.  The manicure took forever because my hands and nails were disasters from the tie-dyeing episode with the grandsons on Friday. (forgot to take pictures).  Horrible.  But less horrible now.  And the salon was not busy - everybody had their nails done on Friday and got out of town for the weekend.  So the manicurist took her time because she had to be there till they closed anyway, and she needed something to do.
Oh, lovely.  Cheers me up just to look at that robin's egg blue.
So here I am at 1:am, contemplating an even longer list that is undone - including stopping the mail, which I forgot to do when I mailed the package this morning. DUH.

'Nuff for now.


Eva said...

These toenails are priceless.

Beverly said...

Have a wonderful time, and safe journeys--

Dianne Hricko said...

You will be putting your best toes forward. Have a great trip.

Connie Rose said...

Have a fantastic trip, Rayna. Look forward to your posts from abroad!

PatriciaG said...

You have got the youngest looking toes!

Gail P said...

love the color! I haven't thought about painting my toenails in ages and I'm always barefoot so that might be a fun thing to do.

Sandy said...

yup, the toes are a 'go'! Hurry home- we'll miss you.

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