Friday, July 22, 2011

beating the heat

 100 degrees and 100+% humidity.  What's a girl to do?  Gazpacho for lunch!  I had taken a container of frozen tomatoes out to defrost last night and since they were still icy, I thought it would be good to throw them into my trusty Cuisinart.  I threw in a cucumber, a green pepper, some cumin, a little olive oil, some vinegar, plenty of salt, scallions, cilantro and whirred it all together for about 30 seconds. It needed some heat so I added a pinch of hot pepper and it was soup! (well, really, a drinkable salad). No matter, it was icy cold!
Here's my lunch in all its glory.  I added a green salad and that was it.  What, you may ask, is that green blob in the middle of the soup?  You may ask. Normally, I would add a slice of avocado.  But I used the avocados up earlier in the week when I made avocado ice cream.  One of the ice cream books recommended putting a scoop of it in a bowl of gazpacho, so I did.  It was a little strange at first, but
it grew on me.  Pretty, isn't it?
I stayed in all day because it was just insane to leave the house.  i didn't even walk up to the mailbox.  But I did go out to dinner tonight with a friend.  We had a lovely dinner, drank wine, and it was a pleasure to have an intelligent conversation.  Afterwards, I dropped into the clubhouse at the condo to kibitz with the bridge players. 

I played college bridge (that and knitting got me through. You could knit in class, but bridge was confined to after dinner on the livingroom floor) and when my kids were little, my friends and I used to have group therapy and wine with the bridge game every Tuesday night. Never serious players, we nevertheless did pretty well. But the game has changed (new bidding rules) and I couldn't play today without going to a refresher course.
Tomorrow, I pay attention to my hair.  By the way, strangers stopped me to tell me they love my green nail polish. LOL.


Eva said...

Ha! Just yesterday I was admiring the green fingernails of the shop assistant at the local supermarket, and I was close to telling her it looked great. Okay, now I tell you.

Del said...

Now for the green lipstick!
I do believe you are becoming a rabbit in your advancing years. Are you losing weight with this over abundance of healthy food? I'll miss all the farmer's markets this week since they won't let me bring the Prince in his stroller. Babies are okay, but Poodle Princes are verboten. Odd, that. Take care. Love, Del

Judy said...

Boy your lunch looks yummy to me! I love Gazpacho and need to make up a batch soon! I'll have to look back in your posts (I've missed a couple) to see if you printed the avocado ice cream recipe. That sounds delish! We were served cucumber sorbet the other night when we were out to eat......divine!
I'm reserving judgement on the green polish...but then I don't like any nail polish, so that's probably why! LOL


p.s. Charlie's crawling! ;-)

Cassy said...

You're so lively while beating against the heat! haha.

by the way, the food you prepared looks so yummy. I wan to taste it.

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