Sunday, July 10, 2011

during and after

After yesterday's class and a sumptuous dinner out, I was too tired to blog.  Now that it's morning and I have coffee in hand, I'm catching up on day one of Sophisticated Screenprinting (not my title). It was about creating (or re-creating) fabric with thickened dyes, screes, and resists...and the point was printing in layers (big surprise).

It was exciting to see the cloth evolve, especially since most of the class had not printed their own cloth previously.  They all started with blank cloth (which I didn't think you needed to see - LOL) and just kept getting better and better, even when I thought they couldn't.

Here is what Chris did.
Lynn had already added three layers by this time
but she needed to add just one more before she was happy with it.
This was my demo piece. It had been sitting around like this for several years, incomplete.
This is how it looked, drying on the wall last night.  It's done.
Today will be more of same - a studio day using all of the things they learned yesterday. This process of creating cloth requires more thought than some of the other workshops I teach.  After the first layer or two, you really need to step back and think about what would work and what should be next in terms of color, design, scale, and so forth.  Some of these pieces may remain whole cloth, although most of them will be cut and used with other fabrics.  How to make the pieces you printed with other fabrics is another challenge. Ask me how I know.

Off to class!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Ah yes, the "is it soup yet?" moment. The question that all artists have to ponder regardless of medium. Will I make it better, or worse?

Gerrie said...

Such gorgeous fabric!

Debra Spincic said...

a big challenge, I am sure.

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