Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm back and I'm green

Not that I have been away in the past week -- I have just not had anything blog worthy to say.  This has been another difficult week with another heartbreaking loss. Life is not fair. My children heard me say that over and over again as they were growing up and unfortunately, they have all discovered that I was right.

This afternoon, to cheer myself up, I asked for green polish on my toes.  Not bad, but a tad darker than I had thought it would be. Well, a nice change from the usual red. And green is the color of renewal and healing.

On the way home I stopped at the produce market and stocked up on - yes - greens (mostly): lettuce, escarole, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, arugula, scallions, tomatillos, cilantro. Goodness! I came home and started cooking.  First order of business, green beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes - a recipe from my Lebanese cookbook, to be eaten cold.  I am eating out with a friend tomorrow night, so this is Friday's dinner -- or part of it, anyway.
Next up, sautéd escarole. It's one of my favorites in an Italian restaurant, but with escarole at 69¢/lb, how could I not buy it? It shrinks; I should have bought two heads.  Sautéd with garlic and I'll add lemon when I am ready to eat it.
 I don't see tomatillos often enough, but there they were - at much less than Whole Foods carries them for.
I bought just a few, since I am only one person. The skins are rather papery but when you take them off, you have what looks like a green tomato. It isn't. I threw them into the food processor with cilantro, lime juice,salt, garlic, a green onion, and some cumin and it was excellent. 

 Here is the result - not quite as wonderful as the one at the Mexican restaurant we used to go to that made its own (but no longer does) -- but pretty close.  Great for dipping those chips into.
The salad greens will have to wait. Meantime, I will go to bed and think healing thoughts with my green nail polish helping me along.


Anonymous said...

My dear Rayna,
I love that you are embracing the healing process and the green. The green toes are beautiful.


Mostly Turquoise said...

Morning Rayna,

Beautiful nailpolish colour!!

And thanks for the recipe of the tomatillos (never heard of, but hope to buy some when we're in the states in a few weeks)

Btw: my toenails are turquoise,surprising eh?
In the meantime: take care, thinking of you in this difficult time

Janelle said...

I hope that you find some healing soon. I would come over and eat at your house any day. The food looks wonderful.

Cathy Bargar said...

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with such heartbreaking losses. you're right, there's nothing fair about it! But we know that healing comes, and it often comes in strange forms - green toenails, beautiful and life-renewing foods, gorgeous and unexpected colors and the feel of fresh fabric under your hands. I think one of the things I like about you (never having met you, of course, but what's a trivial detail like that between friends?) is that you seem to me like a woman that knows how to live - which, in my estimation anyway, pretty much always includes knowing how to laugh, especially at oneself. I know that you will prevail, and life will keep rolling along. My thoughts go to you, for whatever it's worth!

GerryART said...

don't want to sound like a stalker, Rayna, but I love your toe color.
hugs :)

Gerrie said...

Yummy veggie foods. I want to come and savor it with you. Terry and I had tamales with a tomatillo sauce the other night - so good. I love the citrusy taste.

I understand the heartbreaking losses that seem to come in waves. Sending you and yours some virtual hugs.

Connie Rose said...

Love and hugs to you, Rayna. xox

Anonymous said...

Green will carry you along. Inside, outside, green is a perfect choice. I should get my toes done.... yours are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was close enough to know you in person and have you teach me how to cook some of the wonderful things you tell us about. Life is not fair... but there is always love to hold you up. Hugs!

Gail P said...

life sure throws junk at us. I try to duck but like you I get hit way too often. Sending healing thoughts your way. love all of the veggie ideas! I'm off to the store in a bit so I'll be on the lookout for different things to try. XOXOXO

Judy said...

Oh Sweet Pea - it's so tough losing a partner, a playmate, a confidant. My heart goes out to you. It's been bad enough losing my Mom, but it doesn't even come close to what you are feeling. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers - green polish and all!

Warm Hugs

Deborah Boschert said...

I noticed your green toes at Natalya's place on Saturday! So funny to come to your blog and see them again. I am so happy to have met you, Rayna. Even during this tough time in your life, you exuded such creative spirit.

sharon said...

rayna,,,,take those tomatillos, along with some garlic and onions and oven roast them,,,,then whirl in the blender....makes them yummy!

sharon said...

...but...dress them with EVOO first !

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