Friday, July 15, 2011

the days are getting shorter

After two days of sitting, I finally went for a walk after dinner tonight. 8:pm and it was already getting dark.  Boo - hisssssss!  Where did the summer go? Or did we even have one? 

Since Tuesday, I have been working non-stop on revamping my website.  It's mostly there but not entirely, so if you go take a look you will probably still see some glitches and inconsistencies. The workshop page is not quite finished, I have not redone the Portfolio pages; the navigation bar is missing from some other pages -- But it's going in the right direction, I think.

Let me know what problems you run into, please.  I am done for tonight!

I'm in my 10th year of using but now that I have a mac, I can't use my own computer to work on the site.  The software only works with Windows and the on-line design stuff they have is slow, unwieldy, and drives me nuts.  So I am working on the PC and networking with my mac for pictures. Bah.

I'm developing some new classes and have some other exciting things in mind for 2012.  For now, I am trying to get back on Eastern time so I don't go to bed so late, get up so early, or eat at such weird hours.
See 'ya.


Del said...

Thinking of you this early morning. Just took the PPrince out for his middle of the night wiz and he's already back to sleep. Oh, to be a child or an old dog - off to dreamland in a second. Very cool here which I think is quite lovely. 72 is my perfect temp. I have something laid out to sew - but it is such an unusual event I have to adjust to it before I can actually sew. Tomorrow/today perhaps. Love, Del

jgr said...

Hi Rayna,
Your class looks like it was a blast! And congrats on your book, that is SO exciting! Sorry to hear of your computer MAC/PC website issues. Just fyi-I'm on a MAC and it has software that allows me to create and edit my own website-it's super easy to use-really: I am NOT technically saavy at all, LOL!

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That's so sad to notice it!

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