Friday, July 08, 2011

rust mountain

Just to give you an idea of scale, here I am in front of a mountain of scrap metal.  Isn't it lovely?

Intrigued by some of the metal objects i used for batik and  by the beautiful rust-dyed fabrics Jane Aldoretta creates, some class members visited the junkyard after lunch. Naturally, I had to go along. For 25¢ a pound, the whole mountain was up for grabs..  Here, a couple of closer looks at the treasures.
We all came home with a few things that were ideal for soy wax stamping (class) or for rusting fabric (not in class) I spent a big $2.00 and was thinking I'd put the few items in my carry-on but then I remembered my last experience with the TSA guy at the Grand Junction airport.

Everybody was busy with soy wax and dyes this morning - here are a few pictures from before we ironed/steamed/washed and dried 'em.

There were more, but that's enough for tonight.  Tomorrow we are doing more.


Nina-Marie said...

ohhh what an amazing field trip - yeah I could see I could do some serious damage with a pocketful of quarters. Its like a mountain of texture and shape!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

How nice that the locals took you on a field trip. I am intrigued that you are steaming? Is this to eliminate some of the wax... or to be quicker than batching, both? Not using MX so many questions. The work shows how much fun everyone is having.

Russ Little said...

Looks like a great class. I do love a good junk yard. It's so often art unto itself.

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