Tuesday, April 03, 2012

even dark chocolate didn't help.

I was going to blog last night but nothing could revive me after another hectic, whirlwind weekend at Fiber Philadelphia. Happily, I had a chance to go back to Outside/Inside at the Crane and look at the art again without hordes of people. Right off the bat, ran into my old friends Linda Colsh and Cathy Kleeman.  There wasn't a lot of time to catch up, but we did manage to get our picture taken in front of Linda's big piece. (not that you can see it here).

  These life-size figures were made of film. Quite wonderful, I thought.
Since this piece was so large you had to walk around it, I was surprised to have missed it altogether last time I was there. 
Jason Pollen's wall of faces was simply amazing; my camera couldn't take it all in, but these few will give you an idea of his exhibit.  No two alike. 
The artist in residence at the Old Schoolhouse,Kay S. Lawrence, drew with her sewing machine on photos she had taken and printed out. 

In another gallery this fiber work captivated lots of people. Nails and string! Amazing. 
Just as captivating (to a bunch of surface design people) was the wall on which she was hanging. It looked like a piece of fabric that had been discharged and almost upastaged the art.   

Most of the conference attendees had already been to the Highwire gallery by the time we got there for the official opening, but the show looked beautiful and the feedback was great!  Karen Cooper did a terrific job of curating and hanging the show and my work was in good company.

The city of Philadelphia is as much a work of art as anything else and I managed to get a couple of good pictures.  Here is one that inspires me.
More tomorrow.


Eva said...

Amazing and wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Diane Wright said...

A real whirl, indeed. I'm sorry that I missed seeing YOU,....I did get to see your work tho'! I have to decompress a bit before I can actually form a blog post. It was THE most amazing weekend!!!

TheaM said...

what an eye opening experience! can't wait to see more...

I've been to the Wayne Art Center many times, but didn't know about the rest of these venues.

Time to plan another trip!

Margaret Cooter said...

Love that "blue and yellow" photo - well spotted!

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