Saturday, April 14, 2012

shameless (self?) promotion

I got an email this week from Cathy Turley, who told me she had reviewed my new book on her blog. She even did a tutorial on something she made, which is fun to see. I promised her I'd post the link on my blog, so here it is.  Thanks, Cathy (disclaimer - I don't know Cathy but maybe I should hire her as my agent:-))

I'm off to New York shortly, if I can get my act together and check on traffic.  I just found out from a friend of mine about this traffic website, where you can see how many delays to expect on your route and what's going on with construction/accidents, etc. You just put in your zip code and -presto!  Check it out!

Of course, 511NY has an app for my iPhone (which I already downloaded) but - duh - there isn't one for NJ.


Judy said...

Your book is terrific - a friend and I were discussing it yesterday over lunch. I love spending an afternoon destressing with your book!

Have a great time in NY. Hope your traffic isn't too bad!


HollyM said...

It's nice to see what others are doing with your book. Everybody has their own style even though they're using the same technique. It's interesting.
I hope you'll show some of your students work too.

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