Friday, April 27, 2012

events and non-events

First, the events (aka good things)
I discovered yesterday that Quilting Arts has produced a new e-book about text on quilts, compiling the best of the articles on the subject from the magazine over the years. I received a copy yesterday: it's beautiful and informative -- and I was pleased to see that the article I wrote almost a decade ago, "Get it in Writing," is in the book. At that time, I was one of the few people using text on quilts and the first one to write about it in Quilting Arts. Here's the cover - isn't it lovely?? Then, the NNJMQG has gotten enough "me! me! me!" responses that we are thinking about holding our first meeting earlier than originally planned. We shall see. Meantime, we have started a blog, which at the moment has nothing on it but a welcome message. Hopefully, this will change. Finally, after having stared at the piece on my home design wall, I have decided that although I wanted it to be larger, it wanted to stay small. It was getting grouchy and confused with all those extraneous pieces hanging around, so I took them away and photo #48 is much happier now. We are going to have another conversation and I will listen to what it has to say. I need to sew it together and then think about what comes after that. Stay tuned.
Now, the non-events (aka annoyances)
Blogger seems to be going back and forth between the old and new (UN-improved) version and I never know what I am going to get when I click on it to post. Wears me out. The "new" blogger is all about making money for its google-self and it annoys the hell out of me. As IF they needed more money. (I think this is turning into a rant, so I will stop. My #48 piece above is not the only grouchy one here.
This grouchiness is probably because today was the third day in a row I have been in the house. Bleh. It was unintended but somehow morphed into being that way. For two days, I was slogging along trying to redo my website. I won't bore you with the details about why it was so difficult and time consuming - and it is not quite finished, but at least it is consistent (I think). Still working on the galleries page, but I'm up to HERE with it right now so it will have to do till I can get back to it.
My weekend plans have been cancelled because my chauffeur has a bad cold, so I have no choice but to spend Saturday doing a task I have been avoiding: starting to un-clutter (or is it de-clutter?) the former abode of a person who may have been related to the Collyer Brothers.
On that note - off to recharge my batteries for tomorrow.


Marianne said...

Moi j'aime beaucoup votre nouvelle pièce et,elle a bien raison d'être grincheuse, et pour votre weekend prenez le temps de savourer un bon verre de vin et une bonne... comment vous dites soap série?
bon weekend

Eva said...

A good decision to keep the design wall larger enough but not too large. Getting entangled in the multitude -- I know the feeling and I tell myself: keep it simple and start from the scratch. -- Your work is lovely; did you go back to a former status, more or less?

GerryART said...

I shudder at the word de-clutter

Connie Rose said...

Is there a viable link to that eBook? Altho I don't subscribe any longer so maybe I can't get the book. Would love to see it, though.
I love the colors of your quilt, it radiates warmth and joy.
Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Debbie said...

What's the address of the new NNJMQG blog, so I can put it in my google reader?

I started using the new blogger a while ago and got used to it. Works smoothly for me now. Although, I read that people are having trouble with scheduled posts. I just post whenever, so it doesn't bother me. Now, the changes in the gmail that they forced on us, I can't get used to!

I am a member of a Wordpress blog and I find posting there a heck of a lot more complicated than blogger!

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