Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday diary

6:am do I really need to be up this early? At least there is time to answer emails I missed by going to sleep so early.

7:am walked to a diner for breakfast.  It is odd to be on the street in NYC and not see a single soul or a single vehicle.
I was happily able to get an unimpeded shot of the graffiti.
 Well, not strictly true that there was nobody around. As I was taking the above pictures there were two men delivering trays of doughnuts to this store. You can't believe anything these days.

7:45 am Walking back to the hotel I took a detour to get some exercise. On 7th Avenue, this building.
And around the corner, on 22nd St. this vehicle was securely parked -- although I can't imagine why anybody would want to steal it unless they needed a receptacle in which to rust a lot of fabric.
But seriously, I thought this derelict item was out of place on this leafy block of elegant brownstones. It made me feel sad and I suspect there must be a story here, somewhere.
9am-3:30 pm  Gelatin Plate Monoprinting class.  I haven't taught this class in a while and it was refreshing to see not only the prodigious output, but some of the really cool work.  I didn't take a lot of photos, but here are a few.

Annette worked with a round plate and printed lots of wonderful fabric with variations on a theme. This should probably remain whole cloth. Don't you love that round plate?

Liz works in mixed media and also used a round gelatin plate. Here, she used threads and watercolor to produce a plethora of beautiful pieces - enough for several series.

Here is another of her prints, using a stencil.  More fodder for a series.

 Linda experimented with more items than I can count and she left with a huge pile of fabrics -- all different, yet related. For this piece, she used plastic wrap to create the texture on her plate.
Janine was partial to the way the fabrics printed after they developed deep cracks. I don't blame her!
As usual, I was too busy teaching to take a lot of photos so I missed several people in the class. Oops!
Nonetheless, all the cloth turned out very well and I hope they will send me pictures of what they make with some of this fabric.  

Although I have stopped printing for the time being, I came home with 50 metres of 419 PFD and I think I might actually put my mind to dyeing fabrics one of these days.  Meantime - a day of teaching and I am done!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Rayna... I love to see NYC through your lense. Thanks for sharing.

Eva said...

Music plays every time you take us to town. This time it was Eric Satie. -- The prints are fascinating, my fav is the one with the wrap folds.

Judy said...

Your photos of the city were great, but then the class pics were real food for thought! I loved each method of gelatin plate printing, and you captured them beautifully!
Looks like you had a great time my friend!


Martha said...

Your pictures make me feel like I was walking along with you! Thanks for the opportunity to see Springtime in NYC.

Gerrie said...

This makes me want to get in the studio and create a fresh batch of fabric!!

Kathy said...

I so miss NY - and my girl. Hoping for a few days in June. What hotel are you staying in? I may need a room for a later visit with my sisters or the fella. Class pics look great. I need to get back to creativity quickly!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Thank you for virtual tour of NY and photos of the artwork from your class. All the images were inspiring!

Linda Hicks said...

Sorry I didn't see you on the streets or in the City Quilter. I was there at the same time!

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