Saturday, January 10, 2015

afternoon at the quilt show

The Palm Beach Convention Center has been home to a Mancuso show for the last 3 days and I finally got there this afternoon, while the men were putting down my beautiful new wood floor in the kitchen.

Had lunch with Robbi Eklow, who was teaching here, then spent a couple of hours waltzing through the lovely, wide aisles full of vendors and then quilts.  I thought the quilts were, for the most part, better than usual.  The Gold Coast Quilt Guild had a special exhibit called (what else?) 50 Shades of Gray, and it was fun to see the variety and use of black/white/gray.  Amazing what you can do when you have limits.  This is Judy Shelton's quilt.  I heard someone calling my name and it was Judy, who had taken a class with me some years ago and then we met again at Art Quilt Tahoe.  I'm teaching next month at the South Florida MQG and she has signed up for my class -- so we will see each other again.  I love when that happens.

There was a lovely exhibit of Israeli quilts, which included pieces by Maya Chaimovich, Bella Kaplan, and Shoshi Reimer. I am lucky enough to know all of these delightful women.  Maybe some of you saw Maya's quilts at the Art Quilt Gallery in New York last year. I didn't take pix of those.

I thought the quilts, in general, were of higher quality than I have seen in the NJ show and they were much  better lit.  Of course, there were the usual ordinary quilts and a bunch that had no names; no attributions, so you had no idea who had made them.

 Here are the few pieces that caught my eye. Makers from the U.K. and Australia.  The photos are bad, but it was a relief to see some pieces that were spare and graphic.

So that's it.  Tomorrow brings the electrician and who knows what else.  Dinner with my friend Bev Snow will be the highlight of the weekend, I am sure.  And Monday, the ceiling, the lower cabinets, I hope; the appliances delivered, and I forget what else will be happening.  Never a dull moment.
Here is how the kitchen looks at the moment. 
Red oak.  delicous to walk on.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Beautiful quilts, and beautiful floor! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen, and you in it making one of your yummy-sounding meals!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Please give my best to Bev. How nice that you get to see her.

Charlotta said...

Getting a kitchen make-over would be great in my case primarily because I wouldn't have to cook at all while it was happening. But you're probably one of the kinds of people who LOVE to cook! At least you get to look at quilts and see friends in the meantime!

patty a. said...

The floor is gorgeous!

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