Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday - cloudy, but who cares?

After the plumber, the electrician, and the soapstone fabricator left today, so did I.  Got in the car and felt as though I'd been let out  of jail.  Went to Boynton Beach to a tile warehouse, which had nothing I wanted for a backsplash -- and called my friend Elinor who moved down here from next door to me.
It was great to catch up with her! 

The guest room in this apartment has been turned into my Florida sewing room and it is uncluttered and serene.  I have good  memories of this room, which is where I slept every time I came to visit my parents.  I have a couple of small design walls - a 4X8 piece of foam from Home Despot that I cut in half so it would fit into my rental car last year. I read in here, listen to Classical South Florida on the radio, and I feel at peace.

The porch is on the other side of the sliding doors; right now, a repository of stuff that needs to be taken to Good Will.  And carpet that needs to be replaced with something else.  But that is far from an emergency.
You can see my design wall leaning against the closet doors, with the string quilt blocks I am working on in an effort to decrease the bag of strips.  It will probably not be news to you that this reduction strategy does not work. The bag is just as full as it was when i started.  The best strategy is to toss the whole bag, but I can't bring myself (yet) to do this.  

In the meantime, picture me in this oasis of calm, reading Cutting for Stone until the wee hours.
Tomorrow, a few appliance things to take care of and then over the weekend, my cousin Nancy from Los Angeles arrives and it will be the three musketeers (Nancy, me, and our cousin Mimi who lives in Boca Raton).  I expect that our main activities will be laughing, eating, and shopping at the outlet mall.
Works for me!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

It is nice to watch you settle in. Enjoy.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Lovely room! As for the string quilt, don't you dare toss what's in the bag! If you don't want them, there has to be a quilters' group somewhere that could use them! But I would rather see what you do with them... might inspire me to do more stash busting as soon as my studio remodel is done! Meanwhile, enjoy yourself... sounds very relaxing there!

Linda Hicks said...

So nice to picture you. Calm is good...then do what Judy said :*)) Also, musketeer to your heart's content.

Kaja said...

What a lovely calm room - enjoy your peaceful time.

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