Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I think it's Wednesday

Hard to tell, since I have had workmen traipsing in here every day and have lost track.  Will not bore you with the bumps in the road to my new Florida kitchen: suffice it to say that I have finally gotten to the point of shrugging my shoulders and saying "whatever.  Let the electrician and the cabinet guy work it out between them. They are both at fault and I don't care who fixes it, as long as it gets fixed."  But, it is moving along, despite the glitches.

Today, after everyone left, I put my feet up and  started to read "Cutting for Stone. After dinner, I finally sat down and got out paper and gouauche and charcoal and brushes and started to play.  This is something new for me: I have only ever worked with paints on fabric, but have wanted to try this for a long time.  "Play" is the operative word, since I don't have anything in mind when I start (surprise, surprise) and don't care how i turns out.  However, I am feeling a bit tentative and it is taking me time to relax and let my hand move without thinking about it.  Yes, I can do this with fabric.  But in another medium, another story.

I took pictures of what I had done to see what these really looked like from a distance, when I posted them.  This was what started me blogging 10 years ago (at the end of this month) and it still works to help me see what I have done.

This first piece has been turned 180 degrees from the way I originally did it.
          It is tells a totally different story in the original orientation.
And the surprise is that there was no intent and no story in mind as I worked.  

This was done as a vertical.

And I honestly don't remember which of these orientations came first. i think this one works better.

but then, again...

If I have time to play with paint and paper and other art supplies for a bit every night, I think I may remain sane for the next few weeks.  This is fun!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kaja said...

Isn't it funny how changing the medium you're working in makes such a difference to how comfortable it feels. I like what you have done, and it's interesting to see the different orientations. Keep playing!
PS - Love your new kitchen floor!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Pushing the envelope... I like it! And I hope things smooth out in the remodel department... always a bit stressful, but usually worth it!

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