Saturday, May 12, 2007

hang in there...

It's been one of those weeks. We're celebrating Mother's Day early - my kids (and my mother) are coming over for dinner tonight - ha ha -- I'm sending out for pizza and have bought dessert and paper plates. This comes from being the filling in the sandwich generation. So far, this has not been the day I planned to have - some rather unexpected and unpleasant things to deal with -- but it can only get better. I am looking forward to a visit tomorrow from my friend Laura Cater-Woods, who has been teaching in NJ. She's coming here for 24 hours of R&R before I take her to the plane on Monday. Then, Tuesday I head up to Somers, NY to lecture and teach "Jump-starting the Art Quilt" on Wed at that terrific guild, Northern Star. I was sorry to have missed their show, which is always excellent -- and really sorry to have not been available to hear Beaney & Littlejohn when they lectured there. But you can't have it all! Off to make salad to go with the pizza when the troops arrive.


lizzieb said...

Oh Rayna, unpleasantness in your life today? What a bummer...I'm chicken salad filling...what kind are you?

Some day I will get to meet Laura. Have a good time tomorrow.


Gerrie said...

Me, too - that is I want to meet Laura. I am no longer filling - I am becoming a slice of bread - arghhh!

Judy said...

Yep, I'm definitely feeling the filling bit these days. Being in that role, I had the pleasure of serving both "slices" lunch last Friday for my Mom's 90th birthday. What exactly was HER mother thinking when she had her on May 11th? It makes it rough as hell for me to coordinate both Mother's Day and Birthday celebrations for her. Woo I'm ranting, aren't I?? LOL

Hope you had a great visit with Laura. She is teaching in NC in June and I had hoped to take her class and hear her lecture, but then I unwittingly signed up for a class in NH at that same time. And like you said, we cannot have it all.

Hope your yesterday and today are better than your Saturday!


lizzieb said...

Hi Rayna,
You have been tagged! Go to my blog to get the rules.

Larkin said...

Rayna, don't hate me, but you've been tagged. Go to my blog to read about it.