Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mid-afternoon blog

I never do this. But I am taking a mid-afternoon break today. Interruption #1: The DHL man knocked on my open door and delivered a carton of Mountain Mist White Gold Fusible 100% cotton batting. Interruption #2: He came back because he had forgotten to scan the label on the carton. Interruption #3: I broke my temporary crown and had to go to the dentist. #4 When I left the house I discovered that it is a gorgeous day and I should not be inside. #5: The dog ate my homework.

When I got home from dentist and went upstairs to change my clothes, I looked down at this chaos. My normally pristine dining table has become my desk this week and this room is piled with papers, bills, fabric, finished quilts, unfinished quilt, camera, storage boxes, pins, kleenex, an extra pair of glasses, a hanger, of course, my laptop - and yes, a glass of wine. I never do that mid-afternoon, either. But as my friend Laura would say, it's 5:00 somewhere. Well, 4:00 is close enough.

If all goes well, I may even go to the studio tomorrow. I haven't been there in two weeks and my plants have probably died. More later if I decide to take an evening break.


Rita said...


I watered the plants today. We have all been wondering about you so I checked out the blog. The violet had a couple of shrivled leaves, but it is still alive.


zquilts said...

An elderly friend used to call me about 5 pm and say "honey, the sun's over the yardarm now - come over for a glass of something !". Some days you just have to figure that it really is the "right" time just another time zone or two away !
PS: The is the neatest chaos I ever saw ... my place should look so neat ! Marie J

Judy said...

Yes, I have to agree with zquuilts post on both counts! Somedays are just like that. Sorry about your crown: OUCH!! And your diningroom table doesn't hold a candle to my breakfast room table, which is on the way to my sewing room, a total disaster these days!!!
Thanks for your help yesterday!

Krazy Kathy said...

I always say "It's noon somewhere!"

Gerrie said...

I call myself a dentist's annuity because I have so much work that is constantly needing to be replaced.

My good friend in Santa Rosa used to say - It's 5 pm some place!

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