Wednesday, May 02, 2007

spring fleurs

When I finally poked my head out this afternoon, I saw these lovelies starting to bloom. If you think I can remember what they are, think again. Probably some weed I am allergic to!

Worked at home today, sorting through the piles of stuff in my livingroom and trying to make order out of chaos. I am making progress. Was up at 4:am worrying about something and by the time I had resolved it, I decided to get up and get started on the pile of work. So my computer has been on the dining room table and it is very interesting that I am much more seriously able to work than when it is on my lap. This is why they call them notebooks instead of laptops, I suppose.

Tomorrow, back to the studio. I am usually pretty good about cleaning it up before I leave for the day, but yesterday I closed the window, closed the door, and left everything where it was. I will iron. That always makes the world look better.


Judy said...

I do a much better job with my "notebook/laptop" when it is on the cutting table in my sewing room and I am standing as opposed to sitting at my desk with it. What's this all about????
Sorry you were up at 4 worrying...I'm trying to recall the old F Scott Fitzgerald quote about waking up at 4 AM. Anyway, sometimes it's very nice to have that peace and solitude. When I'm up that early, I always have mixed emotions when the glorious sun begins to rise...not sure if it's because I want to be the only one who sees it or what!! LOL I'll stop now before I'm sent off to the institution!

Shirley Goodwin said...

As long as it's ironing fabric and not clothes!

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