Sunday, May 27, 2007

goodies in my e-mail

I was happy the other day to get a few jpgs from my dear friend Marlene Cohen of work she has finished. My goodness, she has been busy -- no wonder she's been so quiet.There were five pieces altogether - two of them made with fabrics I had printed, given to her, and forgotten about. I am not posting those at the moment. Marlene is from London -- much too far for my taste. If we are lucky, we see each other every couple of years. I have a quilt going to Birmingham this year, but I will not be going with it.

At any rate, I always find her work expressive and filled with layers of meaning. This one, with its juxtaposition of pastel and acid colors and its graceful, but sharp-edged shapes, speaks to me of strong and conflicting emotions. Here are two more -- entirely different from the one at the left - either a diptych or the beginning of a series.

On another subject... I finally attacked the reconstituted gelatin plate I showed you the other day. Here it is before I printed with it. It had the good grace to fall apart as I was removing it from its pan. Made my life easier. And here is a piece of fabric I printed, inspired by looking at my own fabric in the quilt of Marlene's which I will post at some point. It will look good when it is cut up into bits. I will leave the cutting-up-into-bits for tomorrow after I get what I hope will be a decent night's sleep.

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