Monday, May 07, 2007

root canal

I've gotten to know my endodontist quite well these last few months. Today was what I hope will be my last appointment with him for quite a while, if not ever. During these four visits, I kept thinking of the wonderful piece of work Helene Davis made several years ago with the title"Tooth I:Root Canals" . The image says it all. (a few more of her pieces are here).

Tomorrow night I go see my regular dentist for a temporary crown. He's staying just for me, isn't that sweet? Meantime,the weekend's frutti de mare lunch gave me the urge to buy a couple of pounds of mussels yesterday and here is tonight's dinner - which will be served over pasta (because the dentist said to eat something soft). I promise not to eat the shells.

I am sitting at the dining table, trying to make order out of my files - to little avail. Can you guess that I am procrastinating? Oh, you are so wrong.

Meantime, to bring this back to a more art-related subject, I have started another blog: Off the Design Wall. The plan is this: each week I put up work for sale - or ON sale, depending on which week it is. I need to clear out my studio storage (ha ha - can anybody identify with that?) Sometimes it will be one piece, sometimes several. Sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes Vintage Rayna- no doubt a collector's item or two.

This week, postcards are up for sale - and I've just finished putting a "sold" sign on one that went today. There are still a couple left. By next week there will be some other items (if I stick to THE PLAN).

So, go take a look. And I'll keep you posted on when new work goes up. I'm blogging early tonight so I can get back to my files. I am having company over the weekend and it is just too mortifying to have a real person come in and see this place. So, ta ta for now.


linda said...

Oy Rayna. I have to decide between a root canal that may be just a temporary solution and pulling the sucker out. Nowhere to hide. What's your advice?

I love the Off the Design Wall site and hope to patronize you some day. Honest injun, I'd love to buy your scraps and work them into a piece of mine.

Rayna said...

Linda - do the root canal. It's not a big deal, honestly. I had an infection that took forever to heal before he could finish the job but no pain, ever. I am happy he was able to save the tooth! Don't pull out a tooth if you can avoid it.

Judy said...

Love the new blogspot and the insight into root canals!

Bonne Chance!

Rayna said...

Thanks, Judy! I'm almost sold out.

Susana said...

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