Monday, May 21, 2007

when all else fails

take a picture of the garden. This seems to be the season when flowers sprout on everybody's blogs, so why not mine? This part of the garden is lush: some might say overgrown. I really have to divide my daylilies but the ground is too dry and I am too busy with clerical work. After Memorial Day. Fortunately, dalilies are very forgiving and can be divided and planted at any time of the year. I think. I hope. I had a black thumb till my friend Helene sprinkled magic dust on me and I figured out that if I planted perennials I would never, ever have to do anything and my plants would come up and bloom all by themselves. Last fall I even stuck some mums in the ground and guess what? They're coming up! I always thought they were annuals. Silly me. If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will see my three-year old Japanese red maple - it seems to be some kind of laceleaf variety. Delicate, pretty, and slow-growing. I think it is a midget maple because even the ferns are taller than it is. But I will continue to speak to it and see what happens. Nobody has tagged me again but this seems like a good time to add some info to my previous list. Books. 1. I have started to read Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky, which I bought at the last airport I was in. Seems the only time I have to read is on a plane. 2. I just pre-ordered this book, which is finally supposed to be coming out. Hooray, I'll believe it when I have it in my hand.

Reporting the Chinese Revolution; the letters of Rayna Prohme. If you don't want to hear my Rayna story, it's ok - but I am going to tell you anyway. You can skip to the end if you wish.

I am named after my great-great grandmother, who was Regina. But I am Rayna because my mother was reading a book while she was pregnant with me,in which the author of the letters in the book above, Rayna Prohme, was a central figure. Captivated by her beauty,vitality and heroism, my mother decided that if she had a girl she would be Rayna. I grew up hearing about this mythic figure who tragically died in her early thirties, all my life.

Fast forward to 2004 or 2005. I get an e-mail from Rayna Kraman in Dallas who has googled her first name and found me. She asks me how I got my name and I tell her the story. Then she tells me that Rayna Prohme was her father's cousin. Talk about small world - the connection gives me goose bumps. So, we've both been waiting for this book about our namesake who was a famous 20th century historical figure. Will it really be published?

Ok - the end. At least for now.

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anyark said...

It will be published; it will be published; it will be published!!! We've waited long enuf.

Enjoyed your Rayna story ~~~

tc, rayna

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