Friday, May 18, 2007


to all of you who e-mailed me asking if everything is ok because I've been quiet. Yes, everything is ok. I have been up to my ears in STUFF - none of which is blog-worthy. I mean, do you really want to know about Verizon calling my 90 year old, hard-of-hearing, short-term-memory-deficient mother and selling her a package that included Verizon voice mail? Do you want to know how nobody could get through to her for weeks because it takes her 20 rings to get across the room to answer the phone and Verizon intercepts it after 3 rings? And how I couldn't get Verizon to take off the damn auto-answer without a big fight? NOPE. Do you want to know about my husband's visit to the retina specialist? NOPE. Do you want to hear about how our central air did not work when it was 90 degrees here last week and nobody could come and fix it till today? NOPE. So I will not tell you all of this. Instead, I've been tagged. Not by one person, but by TWO of my supposed friends. Ha! Now I have to post 7 random things about myself. 1. I went to sleep at 10 pm every week night for my 4 years of college. 2. I failed the parallel parking part of my driving test but got my license anyway. 3. I am left-handed except for doing these things, which I can't do left-handed: use scissors,cut with a knife,dial the phone, drink. I iron and use a rotary cutter with either hand --although I mostly use my right. Go figure. 4. Can't do math. 5. Hate animals and sports. 6. We couldn't graduate from college unless we passed a swimming test. I flunked floating and had to retake the test. 7. I am an INFP. Phew! glad that's over.


lizzieb said...

you're welcome!

Linda said...

Actually, I appreciate the Verizon story, because my mother, when she moved to assisted living in August, never cancelled her home phone. No one knew til new owners moved in January. O well.

Hang in there. Good to see you surfacing again. Hope you get to do some work of your own soon.

Del said...

Gosh, I don't think your readers have deserted you! I suspect they are busy with graduations, weddings, deadlines and traveling. I am a regular reader, but when I travel I have to play catch-up and read back a few days - as I am doing this morning. Keep blogging, even if it is just a picture or a "Hello, Moon". Sorry, to hear about your mother's problems with Verizon, I think they work hard to keep their frustration level High. Del-on-the-Road

Joy Ely said...

What's an INFP?

Jessica said...

I'm finally reading your blog (clearly, it's a quiet day at work!) and I want to respond to your 7 random things with my commentary:

1. That is sad.
2. Must be hereditary as I did too.
3. Hereditary.
4. Hereditary although I'm better than you are (which isn't difficult).
5. Don't hate either but don't love either. Although when I refused to watch Tommy's basketball game last night he said, "You're never going to come to our kids games, are you?" We don't have kids yet, as you know, but I promise I will go to their games.
6. Never had to swim in college. Thank god.
7. What the heck is INFP? Oh, I just figured it out -- Meyers Briggs. Because you made me take a test years ago, I actually know that I'm an ENTJ. Almost your complete opposite!

Love you Mom. xoxo

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