Friday, May 18, 2007


Making up for lost time, I suppose. Egads, my blog readership has dropped to HALF!!
Horrors! That's akin to having your tv show's rating plummet. Am I past my prime?
Redundant? Maybe I need to hire new writers.

I spent Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning in Chappaqua, NY. Drove up to give a slide show/program and workshop at Northern Star Quilters - that terrific guild that has a large art quilt subgroup. These people were not in my workshop.
But the people who were, made some amazing work. One of the things I did was hand out a photo to everyone and asked them to use it for inspiration - or to capture the essence without reproducing it in detail. Here are a few examples of their work posted on the unfortunately reflective board.
There were many more delightful pieces but I can't post them all here right now. So, tune in tomorrow for a few more.


Helene said...

What a handsome family!

lizzieb said...

I'm still here, Rayna!

Joanie San Chirico said...


Molly looks awesome! Glad to see her doing so well.

Rayna said...

Thanks, Helene! And LizzieB - glad you're still here.

Joanie - Molly will be 90 in a couple of weeks. Considering what she's been through in the last 2 years, it's miraculous.

Terry said...

Hi Rayna,
Here's what I think the lower numbers are. Many more blogs for all of us to read. I used to check yours every day. Now I check in every few days and catch up. I'm still reading the same stuff, and enjoying every word (no, you are NOT past your prime!) just visiting less frequently.