Saturday, July 07, 2007

blah blah blah

I've been on the phone tonight with friends in other time zones and now, of course, I am totally wired and getting hungry all over again since supper was about 6 hours ago. So I have to blog to unwind. What a concept!

See this fabric? It's a collaboration. A friend of mine, who shall be nameless, sent me a pale yellow-green piece onto which she had stamped wax. I threw it into a turq dyebath for about 2 seconds and took it out again. Underwhelmed by my quickie dye job, I decided to slather it in wax and keep going with it. Here it is.

Next, I painted on some dark dye I had at hand: blue or purple or some such color.
Then, the best part: I ironed, wrapped it in newspaper and steamed for 20 min. Here is what it looks like now. I've munched on a few pita chip crumbs, a few pieces of brie, and have finished unwinding. Off to bed.


Gerrie said...

I think I went to bed on the west coast before you did!! It always amazes me to see what happens when you wash out all the stuff to reveal the final design.

Gerrie said...

PS: Can you show how you steam? I am trying to set up a home steamer. In our class, Jeannette used a big nonreactive pot, a stainless steel bowl filled with water with a stainless steel colander sitting on it. The wrapped fabric was set in the colander and a big piece of heavy felt was laid over the top and then the lid was put on.

Tina Marie Rey said...

Stunning... What courage - and I say that because I am always afraid to try one more thing and keep going, but you totally let loose and now you have a marvelous piece. Bravo!

Judy said...

YUMMMM! I can just smell that piece steaming away, and it is delicious!

lizzieb said...

weren't you the busy little bee last night!