Monday, July 02, 2007

a jam-packed 36 hours

I'm home from my whirlwind teaching gig at Peters Valley - and a fun time it was, too! Got there late Saturday afternoon, in time to see Kerr's students deconstructing their little hearts out. What gorgeous fabrics were on those walls! I was so busy admiring and trying to keep out of the way that I didn't take pictures. Oops.

After dinner, we went back to the fiber studio to work; the studios are open till 10:pm. I attempted to prepare for the next day's teaching. However, the wood studio across the way was having a ping pong tournament, fireworks, and general carryings-on, so Kerr and I headed across the grass to join the party. I don't play table tennis, but I went to cheer on Kerr, who lost by 1 point in a neck-and-neck game. Here she is, warming up.

And here we are, clowning. Does it look like we're having fun? I left relatively early and drove down from Thunder Mountain to the faculty residence to retire for the evening. I couldn't resist watching a bit of Kerr's DVD which I had bought first thing, but I only got as far as how to tape a screen before I turned in. Haven't had time since, but it's on my agenda for tomorrow.

Blogger is not letting me post pix, so I'll give you the next installment tomorrow.

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