Wednesday, July 11, 2007

how odd

Most of the time I am sharing my good results. But this time, I figured I should share a horse of a different color, so to speak. I finally steamed this deconstructed piece from the post below. The greens came out yellow and the purple prints toned down to a pink (ick - I hate pink) so pale they practically don't show. I won't even bother posting those. So, what went wrong? There was soda ash in the fabric and soda ash in the clear print paste. Maybe the dyes were too old? too diluted? too something? Another lesson in unpredictability -- and really, it is okay. I am going to use this fabric as a base and go back in. I have another deconstructed screen waiting in the wings and we'll see how that turns out. Stay tuned once again.
/div>We are leaving for D.C. tomorrow to visit our kids & grands. Am I packed? Nope. Am I organized? ha ha. I am ironing fabric. And washing out that pesky piece of silk that I dyed/discharged and keeps getting uglier and uglier. This morning I dumped it in vinegar, added a few containers of dye, and steamed it. It is in the wash as I write; I am not hopeful.


Russ said...

I'm wondering--more like trying to figure out and learn. It looks like you mixed a green print/release paste and printed with it, but only the yellow struck; the blue part of your mixed color just washed out. Were you mixing the green from a blue paste and and a yellow paste, each of which contained soda ash? If so, could the blue paste have already been exhausted? Then again, does it matter? The yellow result is really beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Rayna said...

Oh, Russ, I printed over the whole thing. It actually now resembles the header on this blog - how boring, huh?

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