Thursday, July 05, 2007

o frivolous day

I played. Worked my way through about half the fabrics on the drying rack in my previous post, dye painting, waxing, screening, steaming. It was lovely...even if all the results were not. I didn't care because this is the first day in eons I have frittered away the afternoon just to see what would happen. If the truth be known, many of these were in triage; some still are, even after I worked on them.This one to the left, for example, blah. I screened with wax, stamped,overdyed,discharged, and the result is below.

A few more transformations....this was just plain turquoise. I screened with wax and dye-painted back into it. This icky piece of red cloth was perfect for another wax experiment. I masked it with blue tape to see what would happen. Love that blue tape!

This is not as dramatic as I had hoped it would be, but it is still a big improvement. I may want to go back into it - and it has some nice bits. Needs more wax and more black dye.< And I couldn't resist deconstructing, especially after watching the students all weekend who were printing such divine fabrics. This looked better before I steamed and washed it.Hmmm..

Now I think this one is my favorite.Click on the detail below it for a good look. There are more pieces but I'll leave it here for the time being. Hopefully, these will inspire me.


Gerrie said...

Ooooh! I love that last one, too. I am planning some time to play with wax and additional screenprinting on some of my discharge pieces. Your class gave me a huge arsenal of techniques to use for layering design on fabric.

Sonji Hunt said...

Moreismoreismoreisbetter! Love all the fabrics. And that blue tape looks good. I got confused for a minute and thought it was staying (you know I love my extreme color contrasts). I am inspired. Again.

lizzieb said...

What great fun! I too spent the day discharging...will have to start with waxing and dyeing some more!


Judy said...

Those are all too delicious for words! MMMMMMM!! ;-D

Jacquelines blog said...

they look beautifull, I like it when they underground is shining threw. great colours too.

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