Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yesterday I attacked my two home studio spaces - the downstairs print studio is unrecognizably neat,except for the dye spots on the carpet - (don't ask). And the upstairs space (which I refer to as "my room") is getting there.
The profusion of color on the left is a fraction of the pile of strips I spent all evening ironing. These treasures are strips Helene Davis gave to me a couple of years ago - and if I am going to use them, they need to be nice and smooth, don't they? Today I am going to iron my own scraps - or at least start the process. It is humid, which makes it a perfect day for ironing. Tune in later.


Gerrie said...

Got to love a kindred spirit who irons scraps.

marion said...

All the best houses have dye spots on the carpets. Trust me, I'm a quilter.

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