Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've discovered

how much easier it is to compose a piece if I have already determined what size it will be. This is antithetic to the way I normally work but there is something to be said for it. Yesterday I decided I would make as many pieces of a certain size as I could, in preparation for open studios. I may amend that size but for now, it is working for me. So far, since last night, I have made two pieces, working backwards. Instead of starting to build and having the piece end up whatever size it decides to be,I've started from the size. I have cut batting X" x y" and worked within those boundaries, using the size as my structure. I realize that when I made postcards, I worked the same way. Hmm... No pictures, because they are not finished and I am combining fabrics I printed eons ago with those I have printed recently. This is a good challenge for me and if I get antother made tomorrow, I may share it with you.


juanita Yeager said...

I always work with the size predetermined. My reasoning has always been; a painter selects a stretched canvas of a determined size and shape (square or rectangular) and begins to compose in that shape and size. For me working without parameters is like going on a trip without a destination.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..never thought about it that way, Juanita. It can make life easier. On the other hand, I love to go on a trip without a destination and see where it takes me. The serendipity factor at work!

ha ha - blogger won't let me post a message to my own blog unless I am anon. What is this about?

Terry said...

I find I am always more creative when I am solving a problem, whether it is conforming to a size or using a particular fabric or color or expressing a predetermined theme. Somehow I find my brain kicks into a more critical and actively creative mode than if I am just puttering away. It does seem antithetical, doesn't it?

Miles Johnson said...

Wow- all these big, scary words! I find my work usually makes itself, size and all. Of course there are exceptions- as with postcards. But then my PCs always start bigger and get cut down to size.
But the art quilts- sometimes the size they end up frightens me.