Saturday, August 23, 2008

picking out stitches

Wouldn't you think that a person who has to get up at 5:am to make a plane should be in bed at 9:pm? Instead, I am sitting here picking out stitches from something I am working on. Working at. Working through. I actually like taking them out better than putting them in: in some perverse way I feel I am accomplishing something. The biggest problem is the Bottom Line thread, which is so fine that I can't find the stitches underneath to pull them out! So it is slow going. I will ask my crit group next week to give me some suggestions, as they will look at this piece with different eyes and at a distance. Tomorrow's flight is to Chicago and then to Toledo. I'm attending an open house for shop owners and it should be a lot of fun. Why it took me all day to pack my tiny carry-on suitcase, I have no idea. But I am done puttering around and think I should bite the bullet and get the suitcase off the bed. Next post will probably be from Maumee, OH.

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