Tuesday, August 19, 2008

studio afternoons

Monday and Tuesday I spent the afternoon in the studio, moving fabric around and doing some printing. I made a couple of thermofax screens and brought home the fabric I had left there by mistake, in dye in a plastic bag in the sun on top of the fridge. Batching??? heavens! I have not yet taken them out of the wash but I know they are candidates for a few more layers. Over the weekend I finally got my studio fridge! After a year and a half of dealing with print paste that got thin from the heat, and nohwhere to put my lunch or store ice cubes, we went to Target and for $95 grabbed a small refrigerator, which we took over to the studio. Now I have a place to keep my print paste and my lunch/snacks. Best of all, there is a little bitty freezer compartment for ICE. Dinners this week have been easy. MOnday morning before I left for work I made moules marinières yet again. Wonderful fresh mussels from Maine are available at Whole Foods and it takes only 5 min to prepare them. I don't use a recipe, I just throw. Saute'd onions and garlic, then threw in the mussels, some vermouth (per Julia Child the only white wine you should cook with - it's dry, inexpensive, and always good), a bit of thyme and salt. Put the lid on, steam till they open. Last night and tonight, shrimp salad and random stuff. Today I worked with DIL from 10-4:30 nonstop, and I mean nonstop - without even sitting down - lining shelves, unpacking boxes, and putting away the kitchen stuff. Tomorrow I have to meet Public Service before 8:am because she has to take the kids to camp and can't get there that early. Rest of kitchen, linen closet, and who knows what else. I had better get my beauty sleep.

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Russ Little said...

As the happy owner of a new frige from Target I know exactly how you feel. I bought the smaller, cheaper one, so there's really no room for food. I'll just be happy to get a little more life out of my dye and paste.

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