Saturday, August 16, 2008

it's late

Goodness, it's almost 2:am on the east coast and I am still up. That's what I get from chomping on dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. Well, at least I put the facing on another piece. And I may do one more thing before I finally turn in. Amazon finally has my book in stock, so all you people who have been waiting or have pre-ordered, you should have it in your hands shortly. Reviews are welcome! In the last two days I have baked two zucchini breads and a peach/blueberry pie. I still have a pile of work to finish stitching but tomorrow I may go to my studio. One week in the house is more than anybody should have to endure.


Gerrie said...

I was sound asleep on the west coast before you. That is what the crappy virus does to you. I have to pull myself together and get the SDA 2009 conference on the website this week-end.

It is waaaay to hot here to think about baking. have a great week-end and get out of the house.

laura said...

get to the studio and do stuff! any stuff at all.
that's where I am headed directly... I wish it was cool enough to bake, I'd use some of my too sweet canned peaches and make a cobbler.

the good news is: tomatoes are ripening, the sweet corn is almost ready and nothing tastes quite as good as real baby carrots with fresh snipped Tarragon.

Rayna said...

I hate carrots. And I am still quilting, so need to stay in my home studio. Marty is doing paperwork and cleaning up his desk.

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