Monday, August 11, 2008


Today is a sewing day. I'm sewing a sleeve on my 1 ft. square for the SAQA auction, which I hope will get there by the designated deadline:-/ - nothing like last-minute decisions! But I can't just sit and sew by hand - and I'm not a tv watcher. So I sew a few stitches, type a few sentences. Sew a few stitches, upload some photos. Sew...get a cup of coffee. Sew--- look out my front window to see what's up. Sew...pick up Laura Cater-Woods' book, Tempting Your Muse. Mind you, this is a really personal muse - not just any old generic muse. MY muse has me seeing differently these days. Pictures of dinosaur eggs in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago -- and at the end of last week, the makings of pesto-stuffed zucchini on my counter. Maybe I should be a food stylist in my next life. Saturday we went into New York to meet some of the people I've become friendly with from the Garden Web Kitchen Forum (a place for the kitchen-obsessed: those who are contemplating doing their kitchens, those who are "en train" and those who are finished but still hang around the site). We met at Blue Water Grill in Union Square and afterwards, I simply had to go to the Union Square Greenmarket. It was mobbed, so it was difficult to take pictures. But I managed this one.We had taken the PATH so we couldn't carry much: the heirloom tomatoes are already gone and I've been whittling away at the incredible artisinal sheeps milk cheese from an upstate (NY) dairy and that's almost gone, too. But tonight, radishes and radicchio will be on the menu. I'll have to find a creative way to use them. One more picture and then I have to go put the label on my quilt. I took this one this morning during a storm. These white things are not edible. They are raindrops on my camera lens. TTYL.


Miles Johnson said...

Is it me, Rayna or are those radiches distinctly pink? What part of South California will you be travelling to? We don't get down that way very often but there might always be cause for a day-trip.

Rayna said...

Pink and spicy. They are wonderful - and there were other radishes that were red, white, and who-knows-what.

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