Sunday, August 17, 2008

the sound of cicadas

During the last few weeks, the night air has been filled with the scratching & croaking of the cicadas. (except for last night when they were drowned out by the thumping of the music) . Brood XIV has returned to New Jersey in 2008 and a bunch or a horde of them or whatever the term is, have landed in our woods and are squawking their hearts out. There are 13 year cycles and 17 year cycles. Our cicadas emerge every 17 years and according to those in the know. the summertime cicadas are noisy but harmless - unlike gypsy moths or locusts. I still think they are horrid. 17 years ago there were so many they were absolutely crunching under our feet. This year's brood is a lot tamer and I have not seen any - only hear them at night in the back of the house. I do not like their songs -- I much prefer the chirping of the crickets in the front of the house. But they will not be back till 2025 and by then I will probably be too old and deef to hear them. If you want to find out when they will emerge in your area, go here.


Judy said...

I love the color of those little guys, and their lovely wings, but I HATE the sound and feel when they crunch under my feet. YUCK!!


AmyB said...

I *knew* that was the sound this morning when I walked out the door! If they get thick enough to walk on, I'm moving somewhere else. Never mind that I just moved HERE five months ago ;)

Cicadas said...

I have to correct you. The cicadas out now in Jersey are not the brood XIV periodical cicadas. What's out now are annual Tibicen cicadas. The cicada pictured on your blog is a Tibicen.