Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday night & Sunday morning

After 1:am. It seems that at night is the only time on the weekend I can sew. Cup of coffee keeps me going for a while but doesn't seem to keep me from sleeping. Our bodies can get used to almost anything! Tired of sewing strips, I decided it was time to de-and re-construct a few of these babies. See that long strip on the far left? Too long. So I cut it into a few segments. The first piece, I left alone. (pardon the fuzzy shots, I am too lazy/sleepy to redo them)
Then I randomly sliced and diced it.
With this one I cut a narrow strip crossways and just added around the edges.I sent it over to join its friends
And here are the two originals, flanking the one I cut and pasted. Fun! More sewing tomorrow, although I think we might go to the movies.


Anonymous said...

Well, I dunno -- I had to wait an hour and nine minutes into Sunday morning for your Sunday blog entry to (finally!) appear. Are we getting a little lazy?
--Sleepless in Seattle


I love the effects of the cutting. Some of them now look like mini landscapes ... so beautiful!

Nina-Marie said...

Adding an accent color has really helped Rayna - for just a sewing experiment - these are great. You surely are on the right path with these.

Eva said...

Like tiny stages where puzzles are being performed... Love it!

Judy said...

Yup: this is good!!!!


Nancy said...

Loving that punch of pink color on the aqua stripping. Love where this is going.