Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Although I was the driver this morning, I had to get out my camera at the stoplight in Newark because I couldn't miss this photo opp. I wonder what it was that I just passed. Good for a smile, at any rate!
After our morning appointment I came home, fiddled with the thing on my wall, and decided to go to the studio before it was too late for me to get off my duff.
Yes, I went to work and printed with the screens I made yesterday. I was not especially happy with the results and in fact, I brought them home to wash and forgot about them. I guess that is tomorrow morning's task. At the moment, I am unpicking the stitches of my therapy quilt because I sewed a few of the components together wrong. NOT that anybody else would notice and it probably didn't make a difference because it looked fine, but it bothered me. By tomorrow morning I should have it put together correctly. There was some filling-in-the-spaces done along the way because it never fits together exactly as you have thrown it at the wall. I did unearth one sample piece from the archeological dig at my studio . I can't say I am not sure what I was thinking when I made this, because I know exactly what I was thinking. Don't ask. This belongs on the ugly quilt blog. It will not stay in its current permutation; that's another activity for another day. Right now, I am going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi - If you can read this, I've finally cracked the feedblitz code for permission to enter comments. Knowing it's me, you might wonder if Feedblitz shouldn't set their admission bar just a bit higher.
Unpicking the therapy quilt is a sign og mild OCD, which is what makes us such interesting, perfect folk. A more rigorous test is whether you turned around at the stop light and went back to find what it was that you just passed!

Rayna said...

Feedblitz isn't fussy and neither am I.
I'll take comments even from people who are amateur psychologists. I did not turn around at the stoplight because if I didn't see what I had just passed, it wasn't there.

Del said...

I think this is a great quilt. Just sandwich it and quilt it. Great color. Del

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