Saturday, August 15, 2009


The weekend started when our grandchildren, Kayla (10) and Alexander (almost 8) arrived yesterday afternoon to stay overnight. Rachel Leibman, one of my studio mates, has a solo exhibit at the Monmouth Museum and last night was the opening -- so I took the kids along. They live near the Metropolitan Museum in NY, so they are pretty knowledgeable about art and enjoyed deciding which of Rachel's pieces they liked best.

Rachel is a collage artist who uses ancient manuscripts from all religions to create her work. I see her in the studio creating her pieces so it was a pleasure to see a whole gallery full of work. I don't believe anybody else is doing work like is pretty amazing.

I haven't had much time to work on The Piece; Yesterday and today were tied up with the computer - a problem with launching my website that turned out to be a corrupted Windows problem. After many phone calls and futile
efforts from the website people. I finally reinstalled Windows and it is fine now --but it wasted a day and a half.

So, here is the most recent photo of this work, which has already changed a little bit since I took it.
Are you tired of looking at it yet??I am not, but just to change the subject..à propos of Elizabeth Barton's famous blog post, I retrieved this pictures, which you may have seen. Back in March, I was trying to just make something from the wonderful fabric I had shibori'd in Jan Myers-Newbury's workshop. But guess what? It did not work and I gave up trying to force the issue. When I find the right use for them, I won't have to force anything. Back to the wall tomorrow, I hope.


Karoda said...

the fabric in the upper left corner makes me think of ultrasound images.

Eva said...

How lucky these kids are to grow up with art! I just saw Rachel Leibman's website and found her work very impressing. -- The chopped quilt starts submitting, it seems. -- The fabrics in the bottom picture are excellent. Maybe they concur too much with one another like 10 Tenors on one stage.

Judy said...

I am not at all tired of watching your intrigues me and gives me courage to go work on some of my pieces!
Your grandkids are adorable! and like Eva said: how lucky they are to be growing up with art!


Karen Rips said...

OMG, those grandkids look just like you!

Del said...

Rachel's work is wonderful - wish it was quilted fabric, I'd have my check book ready! But I gotta stick to my limitations. How does she copy ancient manuscripts? Your Jan M-N fabrics are fascinating - someday they will call out from their place on your shelves! To which of Elizabeth's famous blog posts do you refer? She has posted a bunch! Del-at-home

Karen C Schoch said...

Love the continued morphing of the piece on the wall. When it is done you'll know it.
I was really intriqued by Elizabeth's blog posting myself. It seems even if I have begun with a "starter fabric" the sucessful pieces end up so you hardly notice the fabric.

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