Saturday, August 22, 2009

cats & dogs & various

Sullivan Drive is a river. It poured and was pitch dark at 3:30 pm and then the sun came out. Off and on, off and on - and now it is 2:am and coming down in thundering sheets. Sigh... I wish I were sleepy because rain on the skylights is a comforting sound to me and so is thunder. I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday. The green strips continue to multiply but my mac is not recognizing my card readers tonight, so you'll have to look at an earlier picture from a few hours ago. I'm just sticking them up on the wall as I make them, to get them out of the way. But I am already getting tired of this and think it is time to make some other segments or add something to these. Not now, of course. The boys were here this afternoon but were perfectly satisfied to stay here and play in the yard - till it rained. Frankly, I was happy, too. I made mussels for dinner and Ben, who is 8, declared that he loves mussels and asked for an order "to go." LOL. I made them in my usual white wine, so Hilary will have to add some marinara sauce for him. I know I had some other things to say but brain just shut down so if I remember, I'll say them tomorrow.


Eva said...

The green stripes must be growing well. But I can't sleep in a storm. Light on, light off -- who can sleep? Thunder is nice in a distance. And our bedroom window ledge is covered with a metal sheet which becomes a musical instrument in rainfall (what were they thinking?)
When my father was a very young boy, they slept on the flat roof when it was hot. No rain, stars above. This was in Termez/Uzbekistan.


I am loving your strips - they are very inspiring!


Gerrie said...

Why are you using a card reader? I use a usb cord from camera to computer. Have never had a problem.

I love the vertical strips.

ever jeanne said...

we've had the same kind of weather: sun, clouds, rain, repeat. love the strips. and your profile - especially the part about what your family thinks of you. sounds awfully familiar.

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