Wednesday, August 26, 2009

this is progress??

I worked at home again today. First of all, I left my keys in the studio yesterday and because my spare key to the outside door of the building doesn't work, I couldn't get in unless one of my studio mates was there to let me in. So this morning, I played around with this thing on the wall. And then tonight, again. Shoulda left it alone -- but on Friday I'll rearrange it for the upteenth time and fortunately, I have the photo. I suppose one advantage of pieces falling off the wall is that sometimes you put them back in better ways than you had put them in the first place. I am overthinking -- and that is the kiss of death. Some of the blocks have fallen down again and I am going to leave it alone for now. Between the ends of the day I had my hair cut so that now I no longer look like an overgrown tree. And I had an MRI of my hand to see what is cooking there. While I was lying there I thought of all kinds of funny, clever things I could write on tonight's blog. Do I need to tell you I can't remember any of them? You've already figured it out for yourself. I have sort of ironed my Urban Storefronts to a backing. I say "sort of" because I didn't have enough Mistyfuse and had to use this horrible wonder under stuff, which doesn't stick to anything. It must be old. Remind me to buy more Mistyfuse!! Tomorrow, I am going into NY to meet Leni Wiener and I am really looking forward to a day out. Have to be out early to catch the bus so I'll leave you till tomorrow.


teri springer said...

Hey Rayna- Buy more MistyFuse!! I buy the BIG bolt!!




My goodness, this has grown so much!

Nancy said...

You've been busy. Laughed at your thoughts about the pieces falling and getting put back in a better way. Serendipity. I like your top photo best of the two. Was an instant choice. Try not to overthink, it's beautiful.

Debra said...

I seem to be falling into that "think of it and then forfet it" syndrome too and I find it so frustrating! I went to town recently to buy gelatin and came home with all kinds of stuff but no gelatin. Aargh! It may be time for some lists.

I think your piece is progressing well.

Approachable Art said...

I absolutely understand how to overthink a piece to death, and how terrible it feels to do that. When you find the solution to that irksome activity, share it with us. I, for one, could use a whole class in it!

I hope the news on your hand is positive. :D

Ginny Gaskill said...

Just a thought on your quilt. Try placing a piece of yellow on it and see if you are happier. Don't know if that will do what you want but my eye (through the computer) wants a spark.