Tuesday, January 24, 2012

and so forth

The Gillman Hotel is in business.  I picked up my cousin Nancy from California today at the airport; tomorrow, my cousin Mimi from Florida arrives. The last time we were together was in October when I was in Florida.  The week promises to be fun, culminating in my grandson Josh's bar mitzvah on Saturday.  In the meantime, the three of us will so our share of laughing.

I have just sent off a brand new quilt to be photographed and published in an article I wrote. and I am just starting to do a UFO tutorial here as I remake these uglies.  You can check my progress over there as the week goes on.

Earlier in the day I made miso soup and granola (not to be eaten together) and tonight, threw together a quiche for dinner.  That should take care of my cooking for a day or so - tomorrow, we eat o-u-t.

Back to the blocks...


Martha said...

Enjoy your cousins and do lots of talking over your family experiences. (And eat out!)
I'm glad your family can be together to celebrate Josh's bar mitzvah. You will feel Marty's pride and love even in his absence.

Eva said...

Chopping it up is rewarding, I guess. It would definitely give me a feeling of satisfaction. This refers to stupid old letters and one's own "what-was-I-thinking"s as well. So much more, if you discover someone else's "what-was-I-thinking"s!

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